Taylor remembers Mohammad Rafique

Test career is 5 centuries, four are against Bangladesh. This is the first time that he scored a century in the country, where the opponent Bangladesh. Brendan Taylor said that the job was not easy for him. Because the spin attack of Bangladesh was always difficult in his eyes

He is also shining from the light of Shakib Al Hasan. Only Shakib why? Tiijul Islam, who has taken 75 wickets in 20 test matches, is all the bowlers of Bangladesh. If you do not have Shakib will be even more bright!

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Taizul’s presence in the absence of Shakib’s absence Bangladesh has traveled to the West Indies in 2014 without a world-wide all-rounder due to behavioral problems. It was not a very good tour, it was not. But Taejul took 5 wickets in the debut of the service. There was a curiosity to see what Shakib would do, many of them would have been interested. In the next series, Shakib took 6 wickets in the first innings against Zimbabwe, Taijul’s wicket was one. But in the second innings Taijul took 39 runs to 8 wickets, which is still the best for Bangladesh in Tests.

No, Taijul did not become an alternative to Shakib. There is a big vacuum in Shakib Al Hasan’s unmatched quality team. But in this series, the vacuum will complete half of the Taijul, who thought! Bangladesh has not missed the bowler Shakib at least. And its full credit is Taizul taking 16 wickets in three innings.

Brendan Taylor, who made his debut century in the overseas field today, also praised the left-arm spinner, “Taijul is in serious form. How did he fill the vacuum caused by Shakib’s absence? ‘

What does Taijul himself say? Shakib did not have to take extra responsibility, it was an extra motivation? Taizul said, “I do not want to go to the field for so many years,” I do not have extra satisfaction but I have got a lot of bowling opportunity. If Shakib Brother could not have me so much responsibility. I’m enjoying it. ‘

Taylor, who has scored four centuries in Test cricket, said, “Not just Taijul, but the whole Bangladesh spin attack is now one of the best in the world. Especially if the game is in Bangladesh. Taylor also remembered the words of Mohammad Rafique for his long experience of playing against Bangladesh, “I have always felt that playing against Bangladesh is always difficult because playing against Bangladesh is always difficult. Razzaq, Shakib, Mohammed Rafique; They were always a tough challenge. The game will be lost – whether it is in Bulawayo, or here. ‘

Taylor still remembers his last Test match, 10 years ago. Rafiq, who passed the 100-wicket mark as the first bowler in Bangladesh, passed the milestone. Shakib has now passed away to 196. In this series, Taijul emerged triumphant in the list of best bowlers of Bangladesh. He has 85 wickets in 21 Tests. The best three bowlers of Bangladesh left eleven spinner! Taijul can take pride in his name there.

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