Coming to the emergency press conference Dr Kamal

Gonoforama central committee urged the president of the party. Kamal Hossain. The meeting will be held on Saturday (January 12th) at 10pm at the Central Office of Ganafrom in the capital’s Motijheel. The meeting will be held at 4 pm after the meeting. Kamal Hossain.

Gonoforama’s Media Co-ordinator Latiful Bari Hamim confirmed the media to the media.

Latiful Bari Hamim said, earlier on January 5 the extended meeting of the Ganofram was held. There the leaders of the district gave different views. In the meeting tomorrow, the leaders of the central committee will discuss the opinions given by the leaders of the district and discuss future commitments.

Prior to the extended meeting on Saturday January 5, Dr. Kamal Hossain said, “Two elected members of the party, Sultan Md. Mansoor and Mokubir Khan are positive about going to the parliament. “One day after Janaporam general secretary Mostafa Mohsin Muntu said,” No one will take oath of national unity. “

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