Digital method will deal with questioning

The new education minister of the 11th Parliament, Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury (Naoufel), said that the government is thinking of utilizing the digital method to tackle the questionnaire.

He said this to reporters at the Circuit House in Chittagong on Friday (January 11th).

The Deputy Minister of Education said, “The issue of leakage is always a challenge. The issue of leakage is also a challenge in the neighboring country of India. The issue of leakage is also a challenge in the developed countries. This challenge will come every year. The time will come in every test. This challenge will have to deal with all of us together. ‘

He further said, thinking about sending a question to the digital center in the examination center.

At the time, after taking office as the Deputy Minister of Education, the leaders and activists greeted him with flowers and returned to their respective districts. Later in the exchange of conversations with the activists, he called upon the government to be alerted as well as warnings against the government. In the meantime, he urged the workers to join the work-oriented education system tomorrow.

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